Sunday, April 12, 2015

Seedling update!

Salvia 'Summer Jewel Red'. Photo courtesy of
All-America Selections
I was late to the seed starting party this year, sowing the majority of my veggies, herbs and annual flowers a few weeks later than normal. Yet, with the rather deep & persistent snow cover, I wasn't worried, as it looked like spring would also be delayed by a few weeks.

Fast forward 2 weeks and everything is growing like crazy under the grow lights.. My basement is cool, which is ideal for encouraging strong, stocky seedlings and a small fan keeps the air circulating with a gentle breeze.

I still have to seed my cucumbers and squash (today??), but for now, I thought I'd share a glimpse of what's growing under the grow-lights. All of these below are new-to-me as I'm trialling a large selection of All-American Selection Winners this year.

How are your seedlings coming along?
These two All-American Selections (AAS) winning basils germinated quickly and I can already see the differences
in the baby plants. Dolce Fresca is more compact, while Persian plants are taller and they have different leaf shapes.

Persian basil is slow to bolt, meaning more basil and less
flowers. But when it does flower, the bees will love
it! Attractive and compact plants.

I don't think I've ever grown dianthus from seed
before, but I do often buy transplants from my
local garden center. This is Jolt, an AAS
winner that has large electric pink fringed blooms.
Side note - I got 100% germination from the seeds!

Dianthus Jolt, photo courtesy of
All-American Selections.

I have grown geraniums from seed before - several times - and I love the European flair they add to my back deck. This is Pinto White, a 2013 AAS winner. New to me though is growing Osteospermum.. I honestly didn't even know they
could be grown from seed. I thought they were propagated from cutting. Germination rates were 90% and
growth has been quick. I'm a daisy girl, so I'm really looking forward to Akila® Daisy White, which is said to be a
non-stop bloomer. 
Pinto White. Photo courtesy of All-American Selections.

Last, but not least, here are my salvias! I have three growing
under my lights. The main photo above is 'Summer
Jewel Red', but I also have 'Summer Jewel Pink' and
'Summer Jewel White'. I wish I could grow a flat of each
as I LOVE their tall, breezy growth habit and ability
to entice pollinators and beneficials. Perfect pot plants too!


  1. I think that, for once, I am actually on time with most of my seed starting this year (so far, anyhow!). And the weather has FINALLY warmed up, just in the nick of time too as quite a few of my cold hardy crops are due to be transplanted outside. I do have a few flowers on the go (alyssum, daisies, petunias), but not many. Once I get a good handle on my edibles, I'll definitely be delving a lot more into ornamentals.

  2. Wonderful inspiring. Am late with some seeding but about on course. Must get more herbs started.


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