Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All-America Selections update!

Viola 'Shangri-La Marina' is a lovely combination of light
blue, dark blue and cream. 
It was late March when I received a package of All-America Selections winning seeds - a mixture of veggies, flowers and herbs - to trial and test in my 2015 garden. At that point in the spring, we were in the middle of the seeding season and I was worried that I was starting them a wee bit late.

Happily, that fear was unfounded as it's been eight weeks since I seeded and not only did the seeds germinate quickly, they have also grown at a rapid rate and some of those plants are now flowering! (I'm talking to you Viola 'Shangri-LaMarina', a dreamy viola with light blue petals and and a dark blue face.)

A 2013 All-America Selections winner,
'Cheyenne Spirit' is a coneflower that blooms
in its first year - when grown from seed! I started
a six-pack and they are ready to go into the garden.
Bloom colours include purple, pink, red, orange,
cream, yellow and white - on the same plant!
To quickly re-cap my earlier post (just in case you missed it), All-America Selections is "a non-profit organization, founded in 1932 by Roy Hastings, that promotes new garden varieties judged to have superior garden performance in impartial trials throughout North America." The varieties are vigorously tested across North America (even in my neck of the woods here in Atlantic Canada) and judged by 80 experienced and unpaid experts, such as Dr. Allan Armitage.

When you're flipping through seed catalogues, you may encounter the AAS symbol, which indicates that that particular variety has shown outstanding and superior characteristics. For me, it's always been a sign that a veggie, herb or flower is a 'sure thing', especially if it's a national winner (not just in one dedicated region).

So, to update you on the progress of my AAS winning seedlings, I thought I'd share some photos from this morning. I've been moving some of the veggies and herbs into my kitchen garden (a post on that coming soon), but today I also potted up a handful of containers with these plants. As spring morphs into summer and the seedlings begin to bloom, I'll continue to share images and updates.

Just potted up - my fingers are still dirty! - this large container which
combines Dianthus 'Interspecific Jolt Pink' with
  Geranium 'Pinto Premium White to Rose' and
Osteospermum 'Akila® Daisy White'. I've never grown
Osteospermum from seed before and thought it would be a
long process.. but they are very easy to grow - and quick! I also
tucked a 'Bear Necessities' kale in the middle of the pot
to add some height and edible interest. 

Another look at Dianthus 'Interspecific Jolt Pink',
such healthy foliage! The flowers will be electric pink -
can't wait!

My geraniums and Osteospermum just before
they were moved to my containers. Again - seed

I'm really excited about these vigorous petunia seedlings -
'Tidal Wave Red Velour', a national winner with ridiculously
large velvety red flowers. 

I thought I'd start and end this post with my
violas - again, this is 'Shangri-La Marina'.
Just tucked 8 into this pot for my front deck.
They started flowering less than 60 days
after seeding - impressive!

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