Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Feeding my neglected lawn

Mid-June 2015 - a nice, very very dense combination of
turfgrass and clover. 
Waaaaay back at Canada Blooms in March, I interviewed Mark Cullen for a Savvy Gardening podcast. We got to chatting about some of the new products in his Home Hardware line called 'Mark's Choice' and he also mentioned his new Iron + lawn fertilizer.. 

I gotta say, my lawn is a bit of a casual affair and it's (purposely) planted with white dutch clover as well as various types of grass to form a resilient and low-maintenance turf. Plus, the bees just LOVE the clover blooms. 

I do lime and feed it once a year (sometimes twice if I'm on top of my game), but it's often ignored and left to fend for itself. 

In case you didn't believe me about the snow!
A late March view of the front lawn. 
Yet, after this past winter that dropped 12 FEET OF SNOW on the front section of lawn (yes, 12 feet of snow), I wasn't surprised that when the snow finally melted in early May the grass looked terrible. It was a patchy, brown/yellow, flattened mess. At that point, I got an email from Mark asking me to test his Iron + and I said 'yes please!'.. 

The granular feed was applied to the front portion of my lawn in mid-May - once the snow melted - and after a nice hard raking to perk up the compressed grass. It did take a few weeks to start showing results - thanks to a stretch of dry weather, but once we got a few days of rain, fresh, bright green shoots quickly emerged from the turf. 

It's now been about 5 weeks since I feed the lawn and as you can tell from the top photo, the grass is the nicest it's been in years! (My hubby is so happy) It's thick, lush and very carpet-like and I still have half a bag left so will now do the lower portion of the lawn so that it can look as good as this section. Thanks Mark!

(Disclosure - I wasn't paid to review this product, but I did receive a free bag to test. Opinions are my own.)

Two weeks post feed - looking very lush with many
new shoots emerging.

Again - two weeks after feeding. Can you see the dew drops? 

Available at Home Hardware.

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